Academy FAQs

Q. What is the advantage of online programs?

A. These courses are taught by Apostle John King Hill and other qualified men and women of God from around the world and taped for use in our online courses, which are available 24 hours a day through an Internet connection. Online courses remove any location barriers that would restrain you from learning. It is easy and convenient to start learning today.

Q. Do I a High School Diploma or Degree to enroll in Power and glory School of Ministry?

A. Our Students does not need to have High School Diploma or College degree for enrollment. We are making our classes available to anyone who wants to learn and have a desire to build a deeper personal relationship experience with the LORD.

Q. Do I need a broadband connection to take the Internet courses, or can I use my dial-up connection?

A. Broadband allows more enhanced viewing and is recommended but is not required. Students not only can use either broadband or dial-up, but can also select audio or video versions of the lessons, depending upon preference.

Q. Can the classes be counted toward college credit?

A. Not at this time, but our ministry is discussing a possible educational relationship with an excellent Christian college(s) that would allow credit toward a degree. More information will be forthcoming as that relationship matures.

Q. How long does it take to complete each class?

A. Online education is self-paced, so the length of time will depend upon personal preferences, determination, and schedule.

Q. How much time will I have to take the entire course?

A. From the time of enrollment, you will have 16 weeks to complete the course. This is a lot of time, it allows an average of 4 weeks to go through each of the 3 courses and practice tests, plus an additional 4 weeks to complete the final exam successfully.

Q. Am I allowed to take more than one class per month?

A. Yes, but following the pattern or guideline set by Powerandglory School of Ministry, and allowing time to study and review the educational materials before moving to the next can help students get the most from their courses. We are committed to excellence and long-term effectiveness of our students.

Q. What is the cost of enrollment?

A. Each course differs in price, so please check with the price list page for more details.

Q. What is unique about Powerandglory School of Ministry from all the other training facilities, Bible Schools, and Christian Colleges or Seminaries?

A. We are under the mandate of the LORD to raise up mighty army for the end-times. Our focus is not on academics only but opening the believer to the greatness of God by exposing the hidden revelation of heaven. Going beyond the norm is the key to seeing the extraordinary, which is necessary for the end-times. We are facing a challenging and a crippling hour to come, and God is setting a stage to move the Church to deeper dimension of heaven, which will take moving from the anointing to the glory. Our commitment and dedication is to see a strong body of believers that are ready for the greatest end-times move of God to win the world and overcome the armies of Satan – spiritually and physically. We believe that the higher or deeper the believer reaches in God, the greater freedom he sees, and freedom is the fundamental to freedom.

Q. Is signs and wonders for today?

A. Signs are provable working of the power of God. However, wonders depict the greater revelation of God. The signs follow the believer but the wonders are evidence of God’s greater work because of His revelation. Signs and wonders serve great purpose in establishing the work of God; therefore, we need the working power of God in our lives and ministries as witnesses and testimonies to the world, and secondly, to convince and convict the people to repent of their sins. Signs and wonders are effective ministerial tools because they are evidential in substantiating the credibility and integrity of the work of God. The believer needs to be equipped by the accompanying presence of God or the revelation of the glory because they are the secrets to the miraculous signs and wonders. (See Joel 2:30-31; Mark 16:17-19)

Q. What type of video format do you support?

A. We currently support the flash format (.flv) for viewing video which is widely available on most browsers. If having trouble viewing, please download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in your browser.

Q. Is there a plan to support other video and audio formats in the near future?

A. Yes, we will post this in the FAQ when other formats become available.

Q. What browsers do you support?

A. For best viewing experience, use the current version of Internet Explorer. Again, this is the most commonly used browser. For those with specialized browsers, you should also still be able to use current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Please let us know if you have technical difficulties using your browser as you go through the School of Ministry courses.