Apostolic Covering


For Ministers & Ministries

Spiritual Accountability is part of releasing God-given potential for a greater fulfillment in your life and calling. GASC is a biblically based Network that energizes and uplifts the people of God around the world to fulfill God’s Will ​and purpose for their lives and ministries. The process is to move the people of God from a place of dream and vision – to experiencing the future. When we understand accountability and embrace the practice according to the word of God, Inspiration of the Spirit and revelation of God, we will come to agree that it should not be a manipulative or controlling mechanism, but rather a free-will relationship to allow God to achieve greater things with our lives. The basis for effective and efficient biblical accountability is a progressive, healthy relationship between the individual Christian and the LORD GOD. The goal and purpose of biblical accountability is to mentor, equip, train, support, guide, encourage, correct, share, teach, and communicate for the purpose of achieving the spiritual maturity and character development that result in true personal change and transformation.

Therefore, the foundations of relational accountability include friendship, long-term commitment, selfless dedication, core values, spiritual coverage, covenant relationship, clear focus and purpose.

The relational level and dimension is the standard for biblical accountability and impact in God’s Kingdom. Any other type of accountability may have value in certain settings, but will never achieve the goal of energizing and optimizing life to fulfill God’s purpose for His glory. Understanding and embracing this level and dimension of accountability is a necessary requirement to rightly visualize the future of the Church.

GASC partners and works with Christian leaders and the Body of Christ, at large, to serve God’s purpose and advance the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven through structured engagements and long-term progressive relationships. Our long-term relationship with individuals, Churches and Ministries is to clearly define our spiritual and physical responsibilities or obligations. Our endeavor is to nurture the growth of all members in character, maturity and leadership capabilities. GASC’s objective is to equip, empower and mobilize emerging leaders worldwide to bring lasting impacts regionally and across the world.

GASC empowers Christian leaders in the following ways:

  • Establishing Biblical government in local churches: we focus on training all members to attain a place of divine order and eternal spiritual establishment in God. We envision establishing churches that maintains righteous and holy altars, worship the true Living God in Spirit and in truth, embrace the inspiration of the Spirit, and the revelation of the glory of God and demonstrate the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • In becoming effective and efficient leaders in both the workplace and society: all members will be trained to become change and transformation agents to establish the Will and purpose of the God on earth as it is in heaven.

Requirements for becoming a member

Although working relationship with GASC is always voluntary and shall be considered progressive unless a person, Church or Ministry willingly removes themselves from participation or is asked to withdraw; we initially begin with prayers and we encourage all participants or those seeking for memberships to prayerfully inquire of the LORD before signing up for Apostolic Spiritual Covering.  In order for individual leaders, Ministries and Churches to join GASC at a covenant level or dimension, the following requirements must be carefully met:

Agreement with Ministry Order of Outlines or protocols:

  • Definition: GASC is being responsible or accountable for the personal spiritual journey or maturity of another person or accepting responsibility to help another person to be all God intended for him or her to be.
  • Purpose: GASC is a means of releasing God-given potential for greater fulfillment in individuals or churches, minister’s lives and callings. GASC isn’t a controlling mechanism, but a release process for long-term impact.
  • Focus: Fathering with true love, care, concern, protection, provision, guidance and discipline for spiritual well-being and leadership effectiveness and efficiency.

Process: A progressive healthy relationship for the purpose of spiritual impartation, inspiration and revelation.

  • Fill the application form and submit to GASC
  • Attend GASC workshop to fully understand ministry order of outlines or protocols of GASC
  • Recommendation from an existing Member of GASC is also very welcome
  • Agree with GASC’s statement of faith and ministry order of outlines or protocols

Understand and honor covenant relationship (Those who seek commission or ordination from GASC) which is based on:

  • The highest level and dimension of Christian character, Christ likeness and the Likeness of God
  • The highest level and dimension character of love
  • The highest level and dimension of submission
  • The highest level and dimension of trust
  • Long-term commitment, dedication and sacrifice
  • Journey with determination and a clear goal and purpose
  • Full access to the other person’s personal life, family and ministry
  • Identification—sharing both successes and failures together
  • Progressive two-way communications & dialogues with an unselfish attitude—submission, service and sacrifice
  • Willingness to stay under spiritual coverage for character development as well as willingness to mentor, equip and provide life-example or role model and act as spiritual mirror for others
  • Complete formal application, personal interview and personal development and ministry vision
  • Willingness to stay fit:
    • Spiritually
    • Relationally
    • Emotionally
    • Professionally
    • Physically
    • Financially – GASC Covenant Members will be given an opportunity or asked to participate financially in GASC network with the understanding that financial participation in GASC is not a requirement, but a privilege to honor biblical principles to advance His kingdom. GASC Covenant Members may support the ministry from personal income or from their Church’s or ministry’s general budget or consider designating one Sunday a year to receive special offerings for GASC network.

Willingness to accept biblical correction (Matthew 18:15-20) as our basis of action, a member of the GASC may be dismissed from GASC covenant membership by Apostolic Overseer (Spiritual Father) with Core Leadership Team. If the members of the Core Leadership Team witness true repentance, then the Core Leadership Team, along with the person’s Apostolic Overseer (Spiritual Father) if applicable, shall deal with the offending member appropriately.

Sign letter agreement to be accountable (the letter is in addition to application form). This covenant is not a legally binding contract but rather a reminder of the high standards God sets for effective accountability, as well as a formal expression on your part of your desire to grow and mature through accountability. Personal commitment to be considered for Spiritual Accountability Fellowship.

In response to God’s calling and purpose on my life, I wish to enter into a biblically based, relationally sound accountability agreement with GASC’s spiritual covering. With God’s help, I commit to the following standards for accountability:

  • High level and dimension of an unselfish attitude of submission, love and trust for the purpose of spiritual covering.
  • Commitment and determination to honor the LORD GOD and the one with whom I share this accountable relationship.
  • Define and pursue God’s clear goal and purpose for this relationship and my life.
  • Full access for my covenant accountability partner into my personal life, family and ministries.
  • Sharing of both the joy of success and the lessons of failure together.
  • Willingness to receive encouragement and corrections for ongoing personal change and transformation for godliness.
  • Progressive communications and dialogues.
  • Commitment to progressive spiritual growth for greater level and dimension of impact.

Some of the benefits GASC offers the members

Some of the specific contributions or investments of GASC include the following:

  • Spiritual encouragement, prayer, counseling (for individuals), preaching, teaching, guidance and assisting in establishing divine order (for local churches and ministries) for greater level and dimension of impact.
  • Apostolic covering by providing spiritual fathering to encourage, to build up, to correct in love and to instruct for long-term impact.
  • Leadership training skills. Conduct leadership training workshops and seminars to equip leaders to help them move from ordinary leadership, lifestyle and distant relationship with God, to an extraordinary place of co-laboring with Him for lasting and true change and transformation.
  • GASC (creates network with likeminded individuals and Churches or Ministries) for long-term character and resource development as well as enhancing spiritual unity and unification to advance kingdom work.
  • Create a forum for those who are part of GASC network for exchange of insight, wisdom, experiences, and long-term spiritual unity and unification for greater blessings
  • Mentorship and support for leaders/Churches who will implement biblical government among the Body of Christ for a greater demonstration of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Biblically sound and culturally relevant resources materials with appropriate training and teaching of the word to enable the Body of Christ to declare God’s glory among their communities more effectively and efficiently.
  • Commission/ordain those who have a true calling and Christ-like character according to their offices.
  • Provide five-fold ministry coverage (Apostolic coverage, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching).

All other changes or additions to the following outlines are updated periodically to inform all participants or members. Please check frequently for more resources and new updates!


There is a one time $50.00 registration fee for Apostolic Spiritual Covering. Please be sure to provide us with detailed and accurate information so that we will be able to contact you for further information! Thank you!