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The Anointing
The Anointing Ultimate Volume Edition is a combination of three  powerful books in one:●    Power to Overcome the World●    The Anointing Understanding His Presence


●    Understanding the Anointing


This unprecedented ultimate anointing masterpiece will show you the depths of the anointing that has been hidden to even those who operate in the anointing. The secrets revealed in this book will forever change your life. You will pick up speed and reach for a higher height. This book is ultimate because it is a collection of unending visitation and revelation of the keys that unlock the anointing rivers to flow freely. As we go through the details of the anointing to unearth the secrets, you will experience the ease of the release of the power. Your life, ministry and ministration will never be the same again. This is a series that will do it for you.


The Anointing Ultimate Volume Edition

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The Glory
Ultimate Glory Volumes 1&2 are heaven made. It is the glory like never seen or heard. We have to know and understand that the Anointing and the Glory are experiential. It is why the Gift of the Spirit, the Calling of God, and the transfer – impartation of the anointing is not being anointed, even as glory encounters are not moving in the glory. The glory cannot be imparted like the anointing because the glory is the revelation – appearing of the Spirit Person of God. The key to moving in the glory is entering the Spirit Life in God. The anointing is about the Spirit entering the believer – indwelling to fill and come upon to release the power to work, but the glory is about the believer entering the Spirit life in God to live and move and have his being in Him. The shifting is the beginning of a new life of extraordinary authority and power in God. Explore the glory dimensions and experience the different faces of the appearing of the persons of the Godhead that has been hidden in eternity. It is my earnest prayer that God will open the secrets revealed in this revelatory teaching to you in a way that your life will be recreated in Him. Let’s get started now.

In Ultimate Glory Volumes 1&2 volume, there are eight books combined:

·         Men of Glory

·         Power of Revelation

·         Beholding the Glory

·         Glory Dimensions

·         Glory Heaven Rulership

·         Mysteries of Heaven

·         Dominion Power of Rulership

·         Men of Purpose

Ultimate Glory Volume 1&2

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Spiritual warfare is an art and yet a real experience. Because it is warfare, how we are prepared – trained and equipped will determine how efficient and effective we will be. The spirit realms differ and operating in one realm is different from the other. Knowing and understanding spiritual warfare takes great experience and it is why there are not many places for people to seek deliverance from demonic powers. The way healing is treated is not the same with demon related illnesses or demon possession and oppression. The kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven offer the believer solution over demonic armies, but the world makes it more difficult for the believer to fight demonic armies squarely. Therefore, it is the reason the battle changes face and it is harder for the believer to know who is for him or against him. The confusion of spiritual warfare can be simplified and the complexity can be addressed. Training is important but it must be combined with experience to give the believer the versatility and the agility he needs to be victorious until he is more than a conqueror. Experience the most thrilling ministry of deliverance, and see the power of God in your life like never before.

Spies Among the Church

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