Meet Apostle John King Hill

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill received the call of God six months after he gave his heart to the Lord Jesus in 1986. Although Apostle John King Hill has experienced the power of God and seen the miraculous—tumors vanished; deaf ears made to hear; canes abandoned; cancer cells die; ulcers, arthritis, terminal illnesses, various sicknesses and diseases healed; demons cast out; barren wombs conceived; the power of addictions broken; curses removed; jobs restored; lives transformed; and prayers dramatically answered—his heart has never ceased to cry for more, much more, and greater power of God.

In 1997 at a conference by Benny Hinn (a man he now calls his spiritual father and mentor), Apostle John King Hill experienced an unusual encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit that utterly marked his life and ministry. Today, Apostle John King Hill’s ministry has taken an explosive turn by the glorious power of God. There have been overwhelmingly unusual displays of God’s glorious power in several of Apostle John King Hill’s meetings, both nationally and internationally. The ministry of Apostle John King Hill is defined by the radical demonstration of God’s power which denies any further questions.

As Apostle John King Hill always says, “It must be real.” Apostle John King Hill concludes that the world could be reached with the Word of God, but it must be by the power of His Spirit. Apostle John King Hill ministers with overwhelming healing, miraculous deliverance, and the prophetic power of God. Apostle John King Hill has prophesied several major world events and personal happenings that were accurate, reliable, and very credible, with others yet to come to pass. Apostle John King Hill has authored several powerful books, including Power to Overcome the World; The Anointing; Understanding the Anointing; Men of Glory; The Power of Revelation; Beholding the Glory; Glory Dimensions; Dominion Power of Rulership; Mysteries of Heaven; Glory Heaven’s Rulership; Breaking the Cycle of Poverty; Spies Among the Church; and The Prophets and the Prophetic, to name a few.

Apostle John King Hill was ordained by the world-renowned servant of God, Rod Parsley, Pastor of World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio. Apostle John King Hill holds the following degrees: Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, Master’s degree in Theology, Doctorate of Divinity, and PhD in Ministry from Canon Bible College and Seminary, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Apostle John King Hill is the founder of World Harvesters Outreach Ministries, Conferences & Crusades, Inc., which has several areas of the ministry: Power & Glory, Be-Stage, G-Talk, and Hope. Apostle John King Hill is the Host of the Power&Glory World television and radio broadcasts, and has appeared on many Christian Network Televisions around the world: WHT, WHNO 20, The Word Network, Oracle Television Network, The Miracle Channel, Sky Angel, TBN, The Church Channel, Impactv, BellTV, ShawDirect, TelusSatTV, SaskTel Max, TelusOptik TV, and several others.