Powerandglory Television

Welcome to our Free Audio and Video Archives. If you have registered for our livestream event or interested in our On-Demand audios and videos, please go to the Webcast Live or On-demand pages of this website! Thank you for your support and helping us reach the World with the revelatory message and power of Jesus Christ to save, heal and deliver lives!

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Ordering the message that is on television.

The messages aired on our television broadcasts are available at all times. You may order the message by either calling our ministry support team at 1-888-88-GLORY, or ordering from our online store.

Watching the broadcast online.

You can watch several messages online. If you are a Partner of Power&glory, you can watch our full archive of videos any time.

Do you broadcast in my area?

Power&glory Broadcast is available worldwide. We have a listing available on the broadcast section of our website. You may also contact your network carrier for more information.

Is there a transcript of the broadcasts?

Currently, we do not have transcripts available.