The Prophecies

Sunday August 21, 2011, the LORD appeared to me and said the world is going to lose so much: lives, resources and belongings, etc.

August 29, 2011, the LORD appeared to me and said, 7-11 Stores will go out of business (close its doors) by the month of May, but He did not tell me what year, and I came out of the vision.

August 29, 2011, I was carried in the Spirit and I saw Arizona Senator XXXXXXXX walking on the Street. He looked very troubled and distressed. He was very hungry and had two baloney sandwiches – one on each hand. He was eating them along the way. His frustration was that the work was taking him to the end of nowhere. A voice spoke to me and said, his next election will not be good, and I came out of the vision.

August 29, 2011, I was carried into the space by the Spirit of the LORD, and I met with the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. I saw and, behold, the Russian nation was testing a new space-based super weapon that has unusual precision and reach besides the capability to shoot down high and low range enemy weapons. He spoke a word and said to me, in the space you need full body protection, more especially, if you are still at the age of child bearing. The mission was so secretive, it was hidden from the media, and other nation’s intelligence communities and I came out of the vision.

September 4, 2011: I was carried in the Spirit to neighborhoods. As I walked across, I saw people sitting around the front yard with the door entrances wide open. They were all in great suspense as though traumatized or greatly disturbed. Their faces were marked with signs of despair. They were eagerly waiting and anticipating hearing something – some type of news, perhaps from the government. I saw CEOs of corporations and employees, and they had lost everything: money, jobs, homes, etc. I saw and people were giving away what they have because they could not afford to keep and maintain them. I was carried into another scene and, behold, there was a great fear upon the people. Many places were disserted and empty. I saw people running and some were hiding. When I looked, I realized they were afraid of the enemy who was going around terrorizing people. I saw and, behold, a man rose up to fight against the enemy but he was no match. I watched as he destroyed him. God purposefully exposed me to allow the enemy to see me knowing he would follow me. I moved around the corner of a building and, suddenly, I found myself kneeling with both knees and my hands under a shade of a small grass. I watched and saw the enemy come around searching everywhere for people. For some reason I was invisible. As he went around for the second time, he tripped on my foot, and I moved quickly to hold him down. People started to appear – maybe from their hiding places to help subdue him. We burned him alive with fire, and I came out of the vision. I was so overtaken by such a great fear; my bones trembled and shook inside my body because of the horror. I could not open my mouth or move from my bed for about thirty minutes.

Thus says the LORD, there is yet another financial meltdown that is about to hit the world. The despair of hopelessness and helplessness will leave people suspended in great trauma and striking fear. Some people will lose everything, and many will not be able to keep and maintain what they have. Government will lack the solution and the capacity to help, or fight the crime of the hour. Many Corporations will fail and many jobs will be lost. The enemy will seize the moment and take advantage of the suffering of the people to attack and destroy many lives. No man will be able to stand the brutal force of the power of the enemy. The only way the Church will prevail and overcome, will be through prayer and the combined strength of the people of God. God will raise up few people – a remnant for the hour who will operate in unusual authority and power to hurt the enemy. It will be such a time that the world has never seen or heard off before, says the LORD.

Prophecy of  Economic Problem, Great Hunger and Suffering in America March 7, 2005:  It happened so sudden, and I saw, and behold, there was great need and suffering throughout the land such as never before seen. Everywhere you go people were desperately searching for food and money. There was nothing left on the shelves, and there was nothing left on the fields. The whole land was turned inside-out. I was given the understanding it was the result of major economic problems. There was no one who was able to predict when the disaster would lift off the nation. I was sore terrified my bones rattled within me, and I could not move.